Snugglens Tea Pot Cozy Cover, Warmer, Small & Medium Sizes

SNUGGLENS Tea Pot Cozy Cover handmade in a drapery weight black & cream art deco print. Each side has a different configuration. It’s lined with a black mini dot cotton. Mega insulated with 2 layers of 10 ounce polyester quilt batting & also two layers of insulbrite for heat retention to keep your tea hot. Available in Small for 12-16 ounce teapots & medium for standard 32-36 ounce tea pots. You can make your selection at checkout. This fabric is limited. I designed this pattern myself with the crown style dome. I wanted my Snugglens to have a different look than the majority of the rounded domes that are available. Having the top point replaces the need for a tab or ribbon & you can just grab the point instead. Plus, I just think it’s a classy look!! Takes a little more effort to make them but well worth it. Look for more coming, I’m busy making this new style. Each cozy is individually handmade by me with attention to detail. I founded Snugglens in 2004 as a custom camera bag manufacturer specializing in making bags to protect the camera & lens from damage. So, I’ve learned a thing or two about snuggling stuff. .Thus my trademarked name “Snugglens “. All Snugglens merchandise on the web is mine. The name stands for quality with thousands of satisfied customers in several countries. See my other tea cozies in my shop here on Etsy. I also make the drawstring style. Snugglens Tea Pot Cozy Cover, Warmer, Small & Medium Sizes